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Sat 26th January 2019 - Waterloo Blackpool


Klaus Nige Roberts (Vocals)

Nige may be better known to some as the lead vocalist for reformed Liverpool rockers Marseille who toured the UK extensively back in the late 70’s with Judas Priest, Whitesnake, UFO, Gillan and Nazareth. Nige joined Marseille in February 2009 and recorded an ep called Fourplay and a full album called Unfinished Business and the band toured the UK and also appeared at the prestigious Hard Rock Hell Festival in Prestatyn. Marseille are also currently working on a new album.

Nige came to the attention of Marseille via youtube videos of his work in Wolfpack , the rock covers band he is in with fellow Scopyons members Gav and Andy and Wolfpack are still active on the North West covers circuit where they still play a couple of gigs every month.

Nige’s influences are Klaus Meine (you’ll be glad to hear) Rob Halford, Phil Mogg but his all time favourite rock singer is Sammy Hagar. “I love Hagar’s solo work and his work in Montrose in particular and I think this will show particularly in the next Marseille album but doing the SCOPYONS is a real buzz for us all as we love the music and energy of The Scorpions and even in the short time we have been rehearsing we know we are on to a winner here as this is a great bunch of musicians we have put together here that is trying to recapture The Scorpions music and do it justice!”


Nigel Roberts’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud