Scopyons THE UK tribute to the great German rockers The Scorpions
The UK's ONLY Touring Tribute To The Scorpions
Invited To Play With Matthias Jabs in Munich in 2013
Pronounced in a COPY of the Scorpions!
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Sat 26th January 2019 - Waterloo Blackpool


Paul (Andy) Anderson – Drums

The long standing (or should that be sitting) drummer for Wolfpack, Andy first picked up a pair of stick over 30 years ago, doing his first gigs on the Bolton Scene at the tender age of 15 with Peruvian Drumstix, the highlight of which was opening for Here & Now at the B.I.T. and almost getting thrown off stage for playing their big song Opium For The People.

From there he moved to Kyte, active for many years in the North West before stepping into the whirlwind that was Loose Covers. From the ashes of which grew Mad Racket, one of the top bands of their time on the local circuit and there was even time for a couple of stand in appearances alongside Nige in Marseille  to his name.

Originally invited to fill in for Sam on the Wolfpack Reunion Christmas gig, Andy’s been sitting on that stool ever since, before venturing out on a new project to bring Teutonic Rock to the masses.

Influenced by many of the greats, starting with Peter Criss (“a much under rated drummer” in Andy’s opinion) and including Ian Paice, John Bonham and of course Neil Peart, Andy’s never bee one to shy away from the need for a bigger drumkit, and Scopyons will be no exception.

Rock und Roll….